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Hiking And Camping Alone

Hiking And Camping Alone - Kneevo™
Hiking and camping alone can be a fun experience as long as you know what to do. That said, here are the essential camping tips to keep in mind if you want to go camping solo:

1. Make sure your tent is properly working before you head out. Check if there are any broken or missing pieces, see if you can attach it properly, and just make sure it’s working just fine.

2. Go light as much as possible. This means bringing with you only the most essential stuff like a water bottle, food, shelter, and lightweight clothing. You can even opt for a hammock if you want an even lighter sleeping shelter.

3. Bring an emergency device, like a satellite phone or a personal locator just in case you get lost in the wilderness.

4. Research your camping spot in advance. See to it that it’s safe for camping and the risks of you getting lost are little to none.

Have fun on your first solo trip!

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