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Hiking Over 50



Are you a fan of hiking but are somehow held back because you’re already well beyond the age of 50? Worry not! We have prepared the following things you have to know so you can go hiking over 50 without any worries.

1. Strength training and pre-hiking conditioning are very important

As a senior hiker, you have to spend time on pre-hiking conditioning and strength training before hiking to avoid injuries on the trail. We highly suggest working with a personal trainer to find the best routine for you.

2. Compression knee sleeves are your best friend

Compression knee sleeves are essential when hiking, regardless of your age. However, if you’re over 50 already, they become necessary as they provide support and stability while reducing any potential injuries on your knees.

3. You can only bring so much hiking gear

When you’re over 50, you have to keep your hiking gear light. That means going for lightweight backpacks, hiking equipment, and less food.