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Hiking Tips For Seniors


If you’re an active senior who loves hiking or just walking outdoors in nature, we highly advise these 5 hiking tips for seniors to help ensure you can enjoy a safe and injury-free experience:


Tip #1: Always consult your doctor before you go hiking so he can assess any underlying condition or ailment you might have that can impede your hiking adventure. It also ensures that you’re healthy enough to go out there and hike.


Tip #2: Make sure to take plenty of rest from time to time. As a senior, you will easily get exhausted on the trail, so take the time and let your body recover.


Tip #3: Check the weather first for any forecast of a storm or any potential weather changes. Ideally, do this a week before your planned trip.


Tip #4: Always dress appropriately depending on the weather condition. Go for something that’s both durable, light, and breathable.

Tip #5: Lastly, hike at your own pace. Choose a shorter route if you have to, or even one with little to no climbing necessary.